Early morning at Tsunami-washed coast line in Sendai

Mei Ito Profile

Mei Ito is a University of California graduate and a certified developer of FileMaker Pro 14. idb Japan, based in Sendai city, is his operation to provide extensive localization services for overseas products in Japan.

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Art, 1984 at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Majored in business administration with an emphasis in economics and accounting. An additional focus in programming languages such as Basic and Pascal.
  • Graduated from Toho High School, Tokyo, Japan, class of 1977.

Business Experiences

  • Started his business activities in April 2011, right after the earthquake and tsunami disaster in the city of Sendai, Miyagi-prefecture, Tohoku Region.
  • Passed the examination to earn the certified developer certificate in September, 2011.
  • By serving as an independent contractor, provides FileMaker-related consultations and solutions for medical institutions and business organizations.
  • Developed and supported the usage of an integrated system for a clinic serving the palliative medicine.
  • Imported from the US and sold medical image collections as an authorized distributor in the Japanese market.
  • Sold Apple computers as a retailer in Sendai and Tokyo area.
  • Translated manuals for imported audio products, musical instruments, musical software products, and desktop publishing software products.
  • Coordinated the manufacturing and exporting of high-end analogue audio products for a Scotland-based company.

Services Available for Overseas/Gaijin Clients:

  • Test your solutions under the Japanese environment with Mac and Windows.
  • Localize your databases in culturally correct, contemporary Japanese terminologies: fields, script comments, custom dialog messages, help files, etc.
  • Translate legal documentations.
  • Assists local marketing: Japanese webpage production, SEO, publicity activities for Japanese portal sites, digital media, and conventional media.
  • Produce commercial video works with a team of bilingual artists, consisting of a movie director and a musical composer.
  • Provide an extensive localization service for music, sound, or audio/video-related hardware products.
  • Help in starting a business in Tohoku area or in Sendai city with full functionality of ICT technologies.

For free quotations for localizing your sales promotional items
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